Everything you need in the kitchen!

Mon is a foodie at heart, and also loves her Low and Slow BBQ. So with ​her passion for being in the kitchen, and outside by the Yoder Smoker, our Condiments range was born.

Our new addition to the condiments family is our Italian Dipping Herbs. In the same style as a dukkah, this lovely herb, garlic and tomato dip is wonderful with fresh crusty bread and olive oil.

The All Rounder Spice Blend, is perfect for absolutely everything. Trust us! The Garlic Salt & Pepper and Olive Wood Smoked Sea Salt also complement any salad, fish or chicken, and vegetable dish. 

We have to say, our Dukkah is heaven on earth. Crunchy, sweet, nutty deliciousness. Dip your bread into olive oil then into the Dukkah or any of the spices and salts, for a super tasty treat. Also great as a crust on fish or chicken before cooking.


The Sweet Balsamic Reduction has some wonderful spice flavours that were infused whilst the vinegar was reducing slowly over many hours. Our Sweet and Sticky Balsamic Vinegar is fabulous on roasted vegetables, or your summer salad dressing.

Lastly, our Tapenade is made from our bright and fruity California Queen Olives. Once you open this jar, you just won't stop!