First cold pressed extra virgin olive oil

Romley Estate extra virgin olive oil is cold extracted using the latest centrifuge extraction technologyWe harvest our olives very early in the season, usually late April to May, with our own Agromelca olive tree shaker harvester. This ensures we have a vibrant, green, pungent and energetic olive oil, that will taste fantastic and have optimum shelf life for our customers.

Our award winning ultra premium extra virgin olive oils

Grand Reserve

Our 2021 Grand Reserve is made with our Koroneiki olives. As usual the Koroneiki takes top spot on Mon's list of favourites. Once again we've won multiple Gold and Best in Class medals for this beautiful oil, it is a must have for every olive oil enthusiast. Also great as a gift

Family Reserve

Our 2021 Family Reserve is made with our Hardy's Mammoth olives. This is a beautiful fruity oil, with notes of ripe banana and tropical fruit. It has the usual intensity you would expect from Romley Estate olive oil.

Chilli infused olive oil - made using locally grown habanero chillies, infused over extra virgin olive oil created from our California Queen olives. The oil produced from this variety was quite light and mild in flavour, therefore the perfect oil for infusions. This one really packs a punch, it required gloves during making. This would be rated as a medium - hot oil.

Garlic & Rosemary infused olive oil - we used our home grown garlic, garlic chive and rosemary, dry roasted in the oven, to produce this nutty buttery flavoured infused oil. Also using the extra virgin olive oil from the California Queen olive, which is mild and mellow in flavour. A beautiful flavoured oil to use in your booking.

Garlic infused olive oil - again we used our home grown garlic for this oil, and the Koroneiki olive. The koroneiki had quite a strong bitterness and pungency to it, and with the added garlic makes for quite the dramatic oil. Great for use in all cooking when you really need a good garlic hit.


Estate Blend extra virgin olive oil - our Estate Blend is a combination of what Mon calls the 'third best oils' from our harvest. Grand Reserve, and Family Reserve are of course the first and second best. All of our olive oils are of excellent quality, are all extra virgin, and are harvested early in the season. You can rest assured, there will be a beautiful flavour, a medium pungency and bitterness and a lovely all around olive oil.