First cold pressed extra virgin olive oil

Romley Estate extra virgin olive oil is cold extracted using the latest centrifuge extraction technology

We harvest our olives very early in the season, usually late April to early May, with our own Agromelca olive tree shaker harvester. This ensures we have a vibrant, green, pungent and energetic olive oil, that will taste fantastic and have optimum shelf life for our customers.

We have three olive oil products available for purchase via our online store as shown below:

Grand Reserve

Our 2018 Grand Reserve is made with our Koroneiki olives, and was a small batch of 200 litres in 2018. We thought this beautiful oil of dried oregano, vanilla and banana aroma was so special, that we decided to make a limited edition hand painted bottle, called 'Signature Series' 2018 Grand Reserve. This truly is a special bottle of olive oil, perfect for a gift for a loved one, it looks fantastic on the kitchen bench.

Family Reserve Blend

Our 2018 Family Reserve is a blend of Frantoio and Corregiola olives. This lovely oil is perfect for salad dressing and cooking with red meat. It has a punchy medium intensity, with lovely aromas of sage, endive and banana.

Estate Blend

Our 2018 Estate Blend incorporates Frantoio, Picual, Kalamata, and Hardy's Mammoth olive varieties. This is a very different oil to our Family Reserve, as it has a warm, nutty, buttery flavour and texture, but also with a medium intensity. Great for use in baking, but also a great all rounder in the kitchen. Perfect for kitchens who use a lot of olive oil.