Agromelca Olive Harvesters

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Romley Estate are the exclusive Australian distributors for a Spanish family owned business called Agromelca Olive Harvesters.

The latest olive harvesting technology from Spain is now in Australia, also with patented lightweight aluminium catching tray. 

After many months of research, including a trip to Spain to meet the owners, we decided to purchase our own olive harvester. The main reason for this is so we can harvest when we want, at whatever time of day or night, and have complete control over the harvest process.

The brilliant two direction vibration and two turbo speeds on the pincer arms will even remove Koroneiki olives.

Multi movement vibration arms can move side to side, up and down, forward and back, and turn sideways to give ultimate flexibility when harvesting the trunk, or a even a single branch.

Umbrella diameter can be tailored to your specific grove tree spacing, starting at 5m, up to 7.5m.

The front collector harvester (shown in photos) is attached to the front end loader arms of your tractor, with the oil pressure unit attached to the rear PTO. No additional equipment required. Once the front and rear are attached to your tractor, you can harvest your olives or almonds, then take it off at the end of harvest and use your tractor again.

70hp plus is minimum requirement for your own tractor, front end loader arms with lift capacity of minimum 1.2t.

Also available is a rear collector and front collector without tray. An almond skinner attachment is also available on the machine shown. 

Price is approximately AUD $65,000 but will be confirmed on request, based on your specific needs.


Please call Monica Parvin on 0401 677 314 to discuss in more detail.


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